Beauty for Ashes: Post-Abortion Recovery

Symptoms of Post-Abortion Syndrome


-anger or irritability

-difficulty concentrating

-nightmares or sleeping disorders

-bouts of crying

-recurrent or intrusive thoughts about your abortion

-feelings of immense grief

-inability to maintain loving or trusting relationships

-drug/alcohol abuse

-suicidal thoughts or self-destructive tendencies


This from a client:

I didn’t think I needed Beauty for Ashes: Post-Abortion Recovery Program for myself.  I went through it thinking it might benefit others in my circle of influence.  Well, God had another plan.

I had kept my secret quiet for over 30 years….Oh, I had asked God for forgiveness a while back,  and then I closed that door.  I must not have really believed it because I secretly carried the burden of shame and guilt.   And I certainly wasn’t going to share it with anyone.

I’m thankful God didn’t leave me there.   He brought Rebecca and this program into my life for me!  Through this curriculum, she guided me through the process of truly trusting God and honestly accepting His forgiveness.  Then, I realized I had another barrier to cross. … I didn’t know how to forgive myself.

As each week went on, the safer I felt, the more I released.   During each session I got closer to verbalizing my self-punishment, forgiving myself, and finally becoming free!  

I am thankful that God can and wants to redeem and that He doesn’t waste any experience.  –L.L.

Post Abortion Support

Long after the abortion is over, many women and men struggle in emotional, psychological, and spiritual ways.  We want you to know that there is hope and healing.

You do not need to deny the pain you are experiencing.  You do not need to hide anymore.  You do not need to suffer anymore.  We offer an eight-week program that provides tools, support,  encouragement, and restoration.


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