Facing an unintended pregnancy takes courage. Being pregnant can seem like a huge, confusing mess.  Dealing with a sexual health problem is scary and confusing.  Trying to hold your relationship together is frustrating.  We know and understand what you are going through.

A very comfortable environment. – Client, S.L.

Many of us at Options have experienced the same things that you are now dealing with. We are single and married. We have experienced pregnancy, both wanted and unwanted. We have made the choice to parent, abort and adopt. We get it.

If you need a safe place to talk through what is happening, please call us. Our medical staff will answer your questions. Our client advocates will help you put together a plan. We can provide a medical diagnosis of your pregnancy, or maybe you want to be tested for sexually transmitted infections. Or do you want to talk about what’s going on in your relationship?  Or not going on?  We’re here to help.

All our services are at no cost to you.


I Think I’m Pregnant.

I AM Pregnant! What are my options?

You have Options.  We can help.