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Client Testimonials

"OFW is very helpful. Everyone there is very nice and easy to talk to even if you are going through something rough. They are very helpful; love everyone there."

- K

"I thank God so often for Options and all the blessings they have brought in my life. God bless you all."

- A

"Nice staff, great care. We love Options."
"I love Options!"

- A

"Client came to Options intending to abort; “I am so glad we have her even though I was so scared at first. She is the love of our lives."

- D

"Options for Women has been a guiding light through my high-risk pregnancy and after post-partum. Helping me to navigate through all the stressors in my life between my two children, daughter in NICU and stressful relationship. Between the helpful video resources, thoughtful care baskets and open hearts and ears I could never repay them for the generosity each staff member has shown to me and my children. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart."

- B

"Options for Women, without their help four years ago, I would not have been able to provide for my son or keep him. They helped me through my pregnancy, helped with food, parenting, relationship counseling and baby stuff as well as resources to a shelter. Today I finally have my own place, job, and a new baby on the way; placing her for adoption."

- S

"Options has been wonderful during my pregnancy and now through my parenting experience. While taking the classes I have been able to learn a wide variety of things that have been helpful to my husband and myself, birthing class, food making class, etc."

- R

High School Student Responses to Options’ RN Pregnancy, STD and Abstinence Class

"I will use this information to make smart choices in the future."
"What I found most interesting is the amount of people that get STD’s and will get them. It boggled my mind that some STD’s are immune to antibiotics, scares me a little. If here is one thing that I’ve learned it is that it is not worth it, just wait!"
"In the future, I will definitely use this information to make healthy choices."
"I didn’t know that if a mother had an STD it could be passed down to the baby. If you think about it, it’s really scary. I will use this information to make sure I stay healthy."
"I also liked how we talked at the end about what we would want in a relationship and what a date should be. I think this information is especially important and often gets missed. I will use this information to make better choices for my future. I will think about who I enter a relationship with and how the choices I make effect my future goals."

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