Life-Skills Counseling

The counseling services at Options are designed to assist you in meeting your life-skills goals in relation to your personal and family life, as well as other interpersonal relationships. The program is offered by trained professionals who will work with you to determine the best plan to meet your goals.

Habits and Past Hurts

Most of us have experienced hurt in the past, or are going through it now. This part of the program helps you identify each hurtful person, or event, and will help you learn how to deal with them, allowing you to be released from their influence.

Individuals and Couples

The program is designed to assist individuals, and couples in improving themselves, their relationships and interaction with others.

Communication Skills

Clear communication is critical to many of our daily interactions and relationships. Improving listening skills, asking clear questions to clarify information, having tools to share ideas, exchange information and disagree respectfully are covered in this portion of the program.

Healthy Relationships

A key portion of the program addresses developing healthy relationships. This includes evaluating current relationships, discovering how to improve them and how to develop healthy boundaries in your personal life, and within those relationships.

Personality Types

This portion of the program deals with discovering your personality type and reaching an understanding of how this affects your life and interaction with others.

You will never have this day again, so make it count.