Education Programs

At Options, we want every person who walks through our door to feel supported. One of the ways we provide support to our clients is through education that is available year-round. The educational program our center offers helps expectant mothers and fathers succeed as parents, through pregnancy and beyond. One of the many benefits of our program is that you will gain insight on not only how to raise a child, but also how to create an environment where your child and your family can thrive.


Through our Baby Steps program, we will help identify the key areas in which you need assistance, such as pregnancy, childbirth,  parenting and life skills. This program is unique in that it offers a tailored approach to a typical parenting class and allows you to grow in the areas where you believe you are struggling. As part of the program, the more of the classes you complete, the more points you earn towards free baby supplies.


The Baby Steps program includes Childbirth Education, focusing on your life before your baby arrives. Our team provides support through your pregnancy by discussing the birth process, labor and more. We take into consideration the fears or concerns you might have with giving birth and discuss those fears and concerns in a safe environment. Childbirth Education also touches on how to care for a newborn and the importance of having a strong support system through the entire process.


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Baby Steps

Childbirth Education

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