The birth of a child is an amazing event in the life of an individual or couple. Our Childbirth Education course, a part of the Baby Steps Program, works to meet the needs of couples, single mothers, and teen mothers by identifying and addressing individual challenges while providing the following:


  • Information on the physical, emotional and social aspects of birth in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Assistance in making informed choices for your care during pregnancy, labor and birth, as well as postpartum/newborn care.
  • Increased confidence in your body’s ability to give birth
  • Opportunities to discuss your fears about labor and birth with a knowledgeable instructor and other individuals having the same concerns
  • Active involvement of the father or other support person(s) in the education and birth processes
  • Incorporation of the cultural needs of all participants
  • Variety of learning opportunities, watching DVDs, discussions, games, role playing as well as time to practice needed skills
  • Development and support of individual coping strategies for facing the birth process, including available pain relief options



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