I’m Pregnant. What Are My Options?

If you’ve taken a pregnancy test, with a positive result, you might be considering your options. You may feel like now is not a good time to have a baby. You may worry that your education or career is jeopardized. Many women feel that abortion is the only choice when facing an unexpected pregnancy however, you have more options than you think. Before you make any decision, it’s important to face your concerns head on and gather reliable information about all your options.


You don’t have to face this alone. Because many home pregnancy tests can provide false positives, it’s important to confirm that you are pregnant. Contact us for a free and confidential pregnancy test. If our lab-quality test is also positive, we can provide you with a free ultrasound that determines how far along you are and detects fetal heartbeat. No matter what option you choose, this information is crucial to making your final decision. Although we do not perform or refer for abortions, we do offer a safe, confidential environment for you to ask questions about your pregnancy, receive objective and current information, and talk about your concerns. Our desire is to provide you with ALL the information you need to help you make a thoughtful, informed decision about your body.


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You will never have this day again, so make it count.